Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Giovanni Carrieri has developed the Link-to platform (hereinafter also referred to as "platform" or "app"), through which it provides its services to users who, by signing up for the service, expressly agree to the following terms and conditions of use.

These terms and conditions of use of the Link-to platform are entered into between the parties to govern its use and must be printed and retained by the customer.

By selecting the "I declare that I have read the terms and conditions of use of the platform" flag and registering for the site or otherwise using its services, the User declares that he/she has read, understood and accepted in its entirety the conditions that follow.

1) Contract parts

Giovanni Carrieri (P. IVA 07669810728) based in Bari (BA), v. Camillo Rosalba 49, e-mail: email@link-to.site, hereinafter also "Link-to";
the User, i.e. the natural person of legal age whose details are better detailed in the platform registration form, available at the link https://link-to.site/register , who asks to take advantage of the services offered by Link-to, hereinafter also "User";

each individually also referred to as "Party," jointly "Parties."

2) Definitions

The Parties expressly agree that the words listed here have the following meanings:

a) Account: the account that will be created by the User upon registration on the platform, with which he/she will be able to access the services provided;
b) URL shortener: a mechanism that shortens an extended URL by generating a fictitious one that is easier to transcribe;
c) Privacy policy: also called privacy policy, is the document by which Link-to informs the User what data it will collect from him/her and for what purposes;
d) Services: the services provided by Link-to through the platform of the same name;
e) Terms and Conditions of Use: this document governing the relationship between the User and Link-to and which the User declares to have read and understood in its entirety.

3) Registration to Link-to. Account

3.1 The User may use the platform only after registration to it. The platform can only be used by professionals or those engaged in entrepreneurial activities.
3.2 The User may register to the platform at the link https://link-to.site/register, entering all the data that will be requested from him/her.
3.3 By completing the registration form, the User declares that he/she enters data and information that are accurate, true, not fictional and not referable to third parties unrelated to this contractual relationship. Fictitious names or nicknames (pseudonyms) may not be entered.
3.4 Link-to reserves the right to delete accounts created with fictitious names or nicknames that can be traced back to real persons or cannot be verified by means of the business registry.
3.5 The User, by registering with Link-to, agrees to keep his or her information up-to-date at all times.
3.6 Each User may register one and only one account.
3.7 Link-to cannot be held responsible for inefficiencies, errors or any other type of problem where the User provides incorrect data or fails to update them.
3.8 During the sign-up process, the User shall set a strong password to access the application and protect his/her account. He/she will not be allowed to disclose the password in any way.
3.9 Link-to shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the User where the User sets a simple password or discloses it to a third party.
3.10 Link-to reserves the right to check whether the information entered by the User is true.

4) What Link-to offers the User

4.1 Link-to provides the URL shortening service to the User.
4.2 Again, Link-to provides to the User, the service of archiving the generated links indicated in 4.1 above.

5) Fees and payment methods. Billing

5.1 When requesting any of the chosen services, the User, after accepting these terms and conditions of service delivery, will have to provide his/her credit card number with which he/she can proceed with the payment of the requested services. Link-to will never come into possession of Users' credit card information, as it uses third parties (Stripe) for payment processing.
5.2 The User, by accepting these contractual conditions, declares that he/she fully understands that the applicable rate is calculated for shortened URL packages. The cost in euros of the packages is indicated on the "Buy Packages" page accessible from the private area of the platform.
5.3 Link-to reserves the right to periodically review the cost of packages and the cost in slots of individual services, as well as to establish special offers aimed at certain categories of users, even for a limited period, and to sign agreements with entities.
5.4 In any case, Link-to will send the User the electronic invoice for the services actually paid within twelve days after the actual crediting of the agreed amounts.
5.5 Link-to reserves the right to verify each transaction for the purpose of preventing and combating money laundering. The User, therefore, expressly agrees to provide, upon simple request by Link-to, all information that Link-to deems appropriate to examine for said obligation.
5.6 If the User fails to provide the information referred to in the preceding paragraph, Link-to reserves the right to suspend the User's account.
5.7 In the event that the User wishes to dispute a charge, the User shall contact customer support no later than 24 hours after the charge is made. Otherwise, Link-to will deem the payment confirmed.
5.8 If Link-to actually finds an anomaly relating to the charge disputed by the User, it will refund the User the amount erroneously paid on the same payment method chosen by the User during registration within 14 days following the disputed charge.

6) User Rights. Rules of Conduct

6.1 By accepting these contractual clauses, the User has the right to: Obtain a copy of the documents signed during registration with Link-to which, in any case, are sent to him/her by e-mail along with each order confirmation; Receive a response from Link-to's customer service department within 72 business hours of one's request.

6.6.2 By accepting these contract terms, the User agrees: to use Link-to in accordance with common standards of diligence, good faith and fair dealing; to respect the consultant who will provide the service to him/her, without implementing conduct other than the professional relationship; not to violate the rights of Link-to; not to attempt to decompile, alter, or compromise the platform; to promptly report any bugs found to Technical Support;

6.6.3 The User, by subscribing to the platform, declares that he/she has been informed and fully understands that Link-to cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions due to network problems, especially where these depend on the User's telephone operator.

7) Rights and Obligations of Link-to

7.1 Link-to undertakes to:
7.1.1 Ensure the functionality of the app, except for fortuitous events, force majeure, or the periods of maintenance and updating of its technical infrastructure;

7.2 Link-to has the right to:
7.2.1 Temporarily suspend or permanently deactivate the User's account where the User violates these terms and conditions of use;
7.2.2 Maintain, even without prior notice, its platform.

8) Cancellation and right of withdrawal

8.1 The User has the right to delete his/her account from the platform at any time.
8.2 In the event that the User deletes himself/herself from the platform, Link-to, within 120 business hours, will provide him/her with a link from which to download all files, if any, stored on his/her behalf. Said link will expire 90 days after its communication to the User and, consequently, the files will be totally destroyed and permanently deleted, with no possibility of recovery.
8.3 Should the User unsubscribe from the platform, nothing will be refunded to him/her, this counting as compensation for making his/her files available, as governed by 8.2 above.
8.4 Link-to offers its services exclusively to a professional clientele and, therefore, it is understood between the parties that the right of withdrawal is expressly excluded.

9) Treatment of personal data

9.1 The processing of personal data will take place in accordance with the provisions of Link-to's privacy policy for users, to which the Parties expressly refer, which can be found on the "privacy Policy" page accessible from the restricted area or the footer of the website.
9.2 In any case, the User declares to be aware that Link-to may disclose his/her personal data to its consultants and collaborators with whom he/she may be put in contact in order to perform the services in charge of Link-to.

10) Intellectual Property

10.1 All intellectual property rights to the platform, as well as the rights related thereto, are fully, independently and exclusively vested in Giovanni Carrieri, as are all rights to any other enhancement or evolutionary software. Giovanni Carrieri is recognized by the User as the author of the platform.
10.2 These rights extend to, but are not limited to, text, images, drawings, logos, videos, sounds, data, graphical interface, source code and databases in use.
10.3 Partially derogating from the provisions of Article 10.1 and 10.2, all rights to the documents that could be delivered to the User in the performance of contractual obligations that is also signed by an employee of Giovanni Carrieri, are to be considered common among them.
10.4 By reason thereof, the User shall have only the license to use the platform and shall not be able to make any changes to it.

11) Availability of Link-to

11.1 The User may use the platform every day 24 hours a day, subject to the limitations provided above.
11.2 For this reason, Link-to cannot be held responsible if the User requests the provision of the service outside normal working days and during office hours.

12) Disclaimer

12.1 The User, by signing up for the platform, expressly declares that he/she has been informed by Link-to and fully understands that its liability is excluded in the following cases:
12.1.1 Unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure;
12.1.2 Sudden interruption of services provided by Link-to providers;
12.1.3 Malfunctions that depend on the devices in use by the User or to connection problems;

13) Applicable law and jurisdiction

13.1 The Parties expressly agree that these terms and conditions of use of the platform are governed by Italian law.
13.2 The Parties agree that the exclusive territorial jurisdiction to hear any dispute that may arise between them by reason of the breach or interpretation of the clauses contained in this Agreement, shall be devolved to the Court of Bari, with the express exclusion of any other competing forum.

14) Final dispositions

14.1 Any tolerance shown by one Party to the momentary non-fulfillment of one or more contractual obligations agreed upon by the other, shall in no way be considered as a waiver, not even implicit, of the rights attributed to it by law or by contract.
14.2 Link-to reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms of Use. Where the modification is detrimental to the User, the User may freely delete his/her account from the platform.