URL shortener

URL shortener

Welcome to the innovative URL Shortening service.

This service has been designed to simplify your digital life, making it easier and more manageable to share links, and for every shortened URL, a QR code is produced.

You'll understand how often it's frustrating when you have to share a long and complicated link, especially when space is limited, such as in a Twitter post or a text message. Our URL Shortening service solves this problem, transforming any long URL into a short link that's easy to share, accompanied by a personalized QR code that can be quickly scanned.

One of the distinguishing features of our service is API support, which offers the ability to create shortened URLs directly via API. This makes the service extremely flexible and integrable with your existing applications and systems.

But what makes our service unique isn't just its ability to shorten URLs and generate QR codes. We also offer a powerful analysis tool, without the use of cookies, that allows you to view the logs of all your links. You can see how many clicks a link has received, where they come from, what time of day the clicks are made, and much more. Additionally, you can export this data in CSV format, allowing you to further analyze it with the tools you prefer. This will give you an in-depth view of your users' behavior and help you optimize your marketing strategies.

Our URL Shortening service is easy to use but powerful in results. Whether you're a company looking to monitor its advertising campaigns, an influencer wanting to see how their followers interact with their posts, or an individual simply wanting to share a link in a more aesthetic and functional way with the use of QR codes, our service is the solution you've been looking for.

Try our URL Shortening service today and discover how it can simplify your digital life, making link sharing an even more efficient and innovative process, with the ability to export data via CSV and create shortened URLs through our powerful API.